Seventh Framework Programme

Welcome to the official website of the TissueGEN project, an FP7 SME-targeted Collaborative Project supported by the European Union.

The TissueGEN project aims to develop a 3D human liver tissue disease platform for regenerative medicine applications using human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hIPSC) technology.

To achieve these goals, TissueGEN will develop libraries of hIPSC from healthy and diseased donors and use optimised stem cell production methods to generate highly functional liver cell types. The cells will be cultured in 3D systems to generate liver microtissues that can be maintained for extended periods of time. Diseases will be modelled on the tissues and this will ultimately produce a testing platform onto which regenerative therapy candidates are introduced. Comprehensive restoration of function analysis will then be conducted over extended timeframes.

With a total budget of €4.3 M TissueGEN is supported by a €3.1 M grant from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for Research and Technology Development. TissueGEN is coordinated by the University of Oxford company Zyoxel and brings together leading European organisations in the fields of stem cell production, hIPSC generation, disease modelling and advanced 3D tissue culture. The consortium also includes representatives from regulatory bodies, the pharmaceutical industry and ethical advisors to provide guidance and to ensure rapid applicability of the developed test systems for industry.